Last October, Interstellar released. Two days ago, so did the teaser trailer for Star Wars: A Force Awakens. Yesterday, the two met in a mash-up video, not like most others. It’s a simple yet brilliant one where we get to see Matthew McConaughey’s character from Interstellar reacting to the Star Wars trailer.

Even though it’s a mash-up, in this video Matthew McConaughey is the entire Star Wars fandom personified. The nerd-boner inducing trailer is what we’ve been waiting for for many years. Episodes I, II and III might have not gotten the critical acclaim like episodes IV, V and VI did, but that doesn’t mean we’ll give up on the franchise. McConaughey’s joyful tears are ours. He cries because we cry. We fans deserve this film. God knows we’ve waited a long time.

Check it out.