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Feb 20, 2015 at 14:09

These Interesting Infographics Tell You Just How Different Table Manners Can Be Across The World

by Sukanya Banerjee

We've all been very careful about our table manners growing up. Many of us lived in the fear of that stern "where are your manners!" reprimand coming from our aunts at a family dinner. But how do the people of the world maintain decorum at their tables? Here are some nifty infographics to get a quick lowdown on what to do and what not to even dream of at a table abroad!

1. At France, do NOT offer to split the bill!

It's considered very impolite. Either pay the whole amount, or don't at all!

2. In Japan, slurp straight from your bowl!

It's an expression of appreciation. You'll be complimenting the chef!

3. In Italy, never ever ask for cheese unless it's offered.

Hey! That pizza has enough cheese already, ok?

4. In India...oh wait! You know what it is!

Haath dhoye hain? Saara khaana khatam kar. Dono haathon se kyun kha raha hai? Sharma ji kya kahenge?!

5. In Thailand, share your meal with everyone.

Sharing food is common, and often, you will even be served accordingly.

6. In China, make sure you leave a little food on your plate!

It's a small gesture to signify that the host gave you more food than you could eat.

7. In Portugal, DON'T ask for salt and pepper.

It's considered an offense to the chef's seasoning skills.


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