What happens when geekiness and product design come together? Brilliance, that’s what. Here are 15 amazing products that actually exist out there in the real world. Check them out.

1. Levitating speakers

The OM/ONE is touted to be the world’s first levitating speaker. It looks awesome, plays for 15 hours straight on a single charge, is portable, supports Bluetooth 4.0 and yes, has an ‘Om’ symbol on it because… you know, levitation and all that.

Source – Droid-Life

2. Target practice alarm clock

Oh, this is a nasty piece of work. For all those who have trouble waking up on time, this is a must have. The device comes equipped with a laser handgun that you need to shoot with to turn off the alarm. There are different level modes you can customize here to adjust how good a shot you need to be to turn off the alarm.

Source – Amazon

3. Steampunk keyboard

Any fans of games like Bio-Shock or Dishonored here? Or maybe just a steampunk enthusiast? This tribute to 19th century hardware could be the one thing you need, to get one step closer to that Victorian era science lab you’ve always wanted.

Source – SheLikesBrains

4. USB powered vacuum cleaner

We all eat in front of our laptops. There’s no point feeling guilty about it. But thankfully, there are products like this USB powered 50’s style mini-vacuum cleaner to suck up the crumbs and dust particles so that we can keep our portable devices spick-and-span.

Source – Engadget

5. Lighter cufflinks

Imagine a situation where everyone’s patting their pockets for a lighter that’s not there. And then you, in all your glory take off your cufflinks, light up a cigarette with it and fill the room with amazement. It’s actually possible with these classy cufflinks.

Source – Droold

6. Functional NES controller coffee table

A coffee table that is also a classic Nintendo controller – the geek level just skyrocketed. An evening in front of the TV will never get ruined no matter what’s on the channel schedule. You can always plug in your favourite game and turn the night around.

Source – ThisIsWhyImBroke

7. Solar powered phone charger

Are you worried about spending too much money on power just because you have a phone or a mobile device that sucks up electricity? This solar powered device charger is the solution to your problems. And contributing towards a greener planet doesn’t hurt either.

Source – DzineTrip

8. Ostrich pillow

This is my favourite one from this list. No one can claim they don’t like sleeping. But often, logistics come in the way. Well, not any more, thanks to the ‘ostrich pillow’, a crowdfunded project that makes sure you can catch some sleep no matter where you are. This deserves a Nobel Prize.

Source – Outgrow

9. Nutella finger biscuits

Dipping your fingers into a jar full of Nutella without getting them dirty is now possible. These cute biscuits that your fingers can perfectly fit into go really well with Nutella. So simple and yet so brilliant, isn’t it?

Source – HuffingtonPost

10. Beer ammo bandolier

If you’ve ever wanted to make an entrance into a house party like an 80’s action hero without having to be a stripper, this is your way in. This bandolier, that perfectly fits beer cans into it like ammunition, will instantly turn you into the life of any party. Also, perfect for the football season with friends.

Source – Amazon

11. Great White Shark sleeping bag

Are you tired of being woken up every time you go to sleep? Try this Great White Shark sleeping bag. It might just be enough to scare the kids away.

Source – Amazon

12. Bubble wrap calendar

No matter what anyone says, nobody can resist bubble-wraps. But if you were looking for a daily bubble popping fix, this calendar might just be what you need.

Source – UncommonGoods

13. Whisky stones

Want that perfect temperature for your drink? Cannot find ice-cubes? This whisky stone is the perfect replacement. Also, it doesn’t dilute your drink like ice does.

Source – Amazon

14. Cradle-cum-rocking chair

Sometimes when you see a baby enjoying the gentle movement of its cradle, you might get jealous. So, if you’re a parent or a grandparent tasked with putting the baby to sleep, you might as well go with this cradle-cum-rocking chair design. Why should toddlers have all the fun? They won’t even remember it.

Source – FlavaHome

15. Ashtray funnel

We use beer bottles as ashtrays all the time. But the struggle of having to pass it around too much needed to be solved. Enter – the Ashtray funnel.

Source – BeachPackagingDesign

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