Well, hell hath no fury like a lover scorned. Let’s face it. Break-ups are difficult and they do take a toll on your sanity but some just lose it totally.

Like Blake Minto. Blake Minto who? Blake Minto, the guy who posed as a lawyer and sued his ex-girlfriend Ninfa Zerilli for all the money he’d spent on her.

Seriously, no kidding.

The guy went into some real method acting and dug up an actual lawyer’s name and after that, proceeded to happily send her ex-girlfriend a vengeful letter on his behalf instructing her to pay every penny he’d spent.

Elite Daily

And he would’ve succeeded had it not been for the curious people at the Daily dot . Like Scooby Doo and gang, they started looking for Paul.M.Hoffman, the lawyer mentioned at the end of the letter and managed to track him down. Turned out all he did was sue cruise lines.

You have our sympathy, brother. Poor guy had no idea what was going on.

If you too are getting some crazy ideas after reading this article, mind you, this article was written to warn you, not inspire you. Don’t get any crazy ideas.