Otherwise ordinary looking people displaying tapestries of tattoos when their clothes are off – that’s what photographer Alan Powdrill ‘s gorgeous photo series, Covered is all about. We’ve come a long way since there was a stigma against tattoos.

Check it out.

“I was 51 when I started and my father was already dead and my mum didn’t say anything as she was in the early stages of dementia.” – Graham, 58

“I don’t feel my opinion will change on my tattoos, I doubt I’ll have any regrets regardless of my age.” – Lillianna, 23

“I love being different and everyday I’m asked about them. Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos are not good.” – Izzy, 48

“I was 14 and my mum tried to wash it off. I will stop whenever I die, everything I want to remember gets tattooed on me.” – Stuart, 22

“I am beyond the stopping point now.” – Unsal, 46

“They have given me confidence in life since my crown’s illness, I will love them in the future like I do now.” – Peter, 38

“I was 15. My parents didn’t find out until I got my second at 18.” – Carlos, 35

“I was 18 and got a small lizard on my hip. My parents said ‘how would I ever get a job!” – James, 33

“I love every inch of my skin, but I love my back the most. I have been waiting 17 years to get it done, and it is exactly how i wanted it to be.” – Stefano, 33

“I am loving how they change as my body gets older and the creases and wrinkles change how they look. when I’ve got no space below my neck, I will stop.” – Ness, 40

My tattoos are part of who I am and I will always love my bodysuit now and when I am 80. The love I get for what I look like is what its all about. ” – Victoria, 37