Indian kids do not have it easy when it comes to school and education. Kids as young as 2-3 year old are sent to play schools. And they start with elementary schooling from 3-4 years of age. At an age when they can’t even walk straight, they are already carrying school bags on their shoulders. 

You don’t even realise how time flies and the next moment you’re sitting for half-yearly exams and final exams, and before you know it, you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle, a vicious web you’ll be tangled in for the next 14-15 years of your life. 

But the kids in Finland are having the time of their lives. They spend their school time playing in the grounds, climbing trees and chatting with their friends to their heart’s content. And for this very reason, the students of Finland turn out to be extremely intelligent and successful. And India can definitely learnt a lot from them.

Here are 10 amazing facts about Finland’s education system that make it so awesome: 


1. Finnish children do not go to school till the age of 7.

2. There is no grading or measurement system to judge a student’s abilities and knowledge, for the first 6 years.

3. They take only one exam in all of their schooling years. JUST ONE.

4. And that’s when they turn 16.

5. Elementary school students only have 20 hours of classes per week. That’s 4 hours in a day. And rarely any homework!

6. Students enjoy 15 minutes break after every class.

7. And 75 minutes of recess in which they are free to do anything they feel like, apart from eating lunch.

8. The school system of Finland is 100 percent state-funded.

9. Even the teachers receive perks. They spend only 4 hours a day teaching.

10. They receive excellent pay for the work they do and are considered no less than doctors and engineers.

India, are you listening?