The beloved Despicable Me franchise appears to be back with a bang, as it released the trailer for its hilarious third installment. 

The first two installments of the franchise have been some of the most successful animated movies of recent history. It is clear that a key theme in the movie will be sibling rivalry, and this will come about thanks to the sudden emergence of Drew, the long-lost identical twin of Gru.

The main villain for the movie has been revealed as Balthazar Bratt (who is described as being a former ‘80s child star who has been pissed off at the world ever since he hit puberty and his show was cancelled). He hates being made fun of, and that fact drives him to plot global domination – because people can’t make fun of you if you’re in charge of the Earth, right?

Minions make an appearance at the end of the trailer as well.

All this new stuff is fine but WHERE ARE EDITH, AGNESS AND MARGOT?