Recently, we told you about this startup where women can replace their ‘exes’ with man servants. Now, here’s another company that’s putting the ‘butt’ in the ‘butler’.

Founded in 2001 by former Navy officer Jason Didcott, Butlers in the Buff, is the world’s first naked manservant company. Naked? Manservant? Yes, it is as it sounds. 

You could have all the degrees in the world but the company only hires ‘gorgeous, hard-working men with charm, charisma, and a great bottom!’

Yes, yes, a great bottom is a must.  They are butt-lers after all. 

They are required to use their assets athen and birthday parties, girls’ nights in and even corporate events.

Wearing just a bow tie, collar, cuffs and apron.

Their duties include meeting and greeting guests, serving food and drinks. However, no stripping and dancing is done.

‘Charming, innocent and just a little cheeky’, their tagline says.

Here, take a look:

They usually earn about €30 (around ₹2,800) an hour, plus tips and travel expenses.

Maybe a site like this works on some twisted, sexist level but the more worrying fact is that it is a trend that is catching up. While we are all fighting to repel objectification of women, we tend to forget that objectification of men is as demeaning and repulsive. Maybe not forget but we sure do tend to overlook. 

Sure, maybe to each its own. You could easily say that if these men do not have a problem why make a fuss out of it at all. 

It is a problem because it easily blurs the difference between exemplification and objectification.