This year’s Survivor Series marks the 25 th anniversary of the Undertaker’s tenure in the World Wrestling Entertainment. Little can be said to refute the fact that he is arguably one of the greatest performers the business has ever seen. His mystifying persona, his terrifying aura, colossal in-ring exploits and an arrayed stack of records lay claim to his dominance. He has also had his share of outrageous moments that have elicited a unanimous “what the fuck” from the fans!

Here are 25 of the most bizarre, WTF moments involving The Undertaker:

1. The Undertaker’s ascent to heaven

The Undertaker suffered defeat at the hands of Yokozuna at the 1994 Royal Rumble, in a casket match. What happened next was utterly bewildering! Smoke started coming out of the casket. Moments later, The Undertaker’s spirit was projected on the titantron as he spoke from the “beyond”.

Source: The Daily Heckle

2. The Undertaker vs The Undertaker

Following his egress post the 1994 Royal Rumble match, The Undertaker was replaced by an imposter (known as the “Fake Undertaker”), a character introduced by Ted DiBiase. This prompted a match-up between the two upon the “real” Undertaker’s return.

Source: Complex

3. Burned his brother alive!

The Undertaker has always shared a tempestuous relationship with his storyline half-brother Kane, ever since the latter’s debut in 1997. Both headlined the first ever Inferno Match, with The Undertaker setting Kane on fire!

Source: Pro Wrestling Wikia

4. Almost killing fellow wrestler Mick Foley

This probably was “the” moment that elicited the biggest “What the fuck?!” It was a Hell in a Cell fixture between the two, with The Deadman throwing Mick Foley from the top of the cage to the announcers’ table below, leaving the crowd gawking!

Source: Dailymotion

5. Attempted to “embalm” Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Undertaker and his accomplice (the pudgy-fingered Paul Bearer) kidnapped Austin, with the clear intention of embalming him. As part of the ritual, The Undertaker drove out a ceremonial knife and almost buried it into Austin’s chest, but luckily Kane was there to save the day for Austin.

Source: AlterBlog

6. Kidnapped the boss’ daughter!

The Undertaker’s satanic gimmick through most of the Attitude Era, prompted this abomination of a storyline. The Undertaker attempted to sacrifice the boss’ daughter, Stephanie McMahon; but a timely intervention by Stone Cold ruined his plans.

Source: YouTube

7. “Murdered” The Big Boss Man

The Undertaker feuded with The Big Boss Man in a Hell In A Cell Match at WrestleMania 15. The match ended with the Undertaker hanging his opponent from a noose attached to the top of the cell, resulting in The Big Boss Man’s “storyline” death.

Source: PWMania

8. Biker gimmick

It was the turn of the millenium and a turn of gimmick for The Phenom. The Undertaker cast his “Deadman” image off, instead, replacing it with a biker-esque attire. He also spoke on the microphone and rode Harleys to the ring!

Source: Drop Toehold

9. Sending Edge to “hell”

The Undertaker’s powerful finishing move, plummeted Edge all the way through the ring canvas. Post this, The Deadman summoned his “mystical forces”, setting the ring on fire, below which lay Edge, implying that the latter had been sent to hell!

Source: UK Fan Forum

10. His mis-timed WrestleMania dive!

The Undertaker, not known for his “high flying” moves, attempted a dive at Shawn Michaels, by launching his massive 6’10 frame over the top rope! Much to everyone’s dismay, he landed squarely on his head. Luckily, nothing happened and the big man casually shrugged it off!

Source: SportsKeeda

11. Caught fire!

A freak pyrotechnic incident at a PPV caused fire to engulf his body as he was making his way to the ring!

Source: Voices of Wrestling

12. “Tombstoned” a woman!

The Undertaker launched an attack on Eddie Guerrero’s widow, by choking her and finishing up with one of the WWE’s most lethal end-moves, The Tombstone Piledriver!

Source: PlayBuzz

13. The Streak

Probably the most heartbreaking event to have happened on the “grandest stage of them all”, was Undertaker’s loss to Brock Lesnar, putting an end to his impressive undefeated streak. The crowd was left dumbfound; notably so, was one bespectacled gentleman whose astounded expression went viral all over social media!

Source: YouTube

14. Eliminated by Maven

The veteran star was absolutely livid when Maven, a rookie in the roster, eliminated him from the Royal Rumble match, with a dropkick! This was also Maven’s ‘claim to fame’.

Source: Tumblr

15. The chairshot that almost took Shawn Michaels’ head off!

It was the very first Hell In A Cell and it ended with The Undertaker administering a “kaboom” chairshot to Shawn Michaels’ head. It came like an unsolicited gunshot and its impact could be felt!

Source: YouTube

16. Wrestling outside the World Wrestling Entertainment

Though known for his loyalty and integrity to the WWE, The Undertaker had a brief stint wrestling with Michinoku Pro Wrestling, in Japan. He wrestled against Hakushi and ended up defeating him.

Source: WWE 2K15

17. Defeating Hulk Hogan for the title in 1991

It was shocking for the fans to see The Undertaker (a novice at that time) defeat Hulk Hogan for the World Wrestling Federation title in 1991. Hogan would ultimately take the title back, a week later.

Source: SportsKeeda

18. His first appearance

His debut, as a mortician, was something the fans had not anticipated! His pale, ashen face, his overall attire, backed by his massive seven foot tall frame, instantly caught the eye of the fans (much to their horror!).

Source: YouTube

19. He did not win at WrestleMania 9

Revered for his “once upon a time” undefeated WrestleMania streak, The Undertaker did not win his match-up against Giant Gonzales. It so happened that The Giant suffocated The Undertaker with a chloroform drenched rag, resulting in a “no result”!

Source: Ultimate Dead Man

20. He was Phantom of the Opera!

The Undertaker suffered an injury to his orbital bone around his eye and had to be protected with a “Phantom of the Opera” styled mask. This further accentuated his “undead” character.

Source: Voices of Wrestling

21. “Killing” his own manager

After picking up a victory against The Dudley Boyz, The Undertaker pulled the lever that sent cement into a crypt where Paul Bearer was encased. This resulted in the storyline death of The Undertaker’s most famous manager.

Source: WrestlingMedia

22. Tag Team Championship with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Call it a case of unlikely pairing, but The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin; two of the fiercest rivals, shared a tag-team title reign for a month!

Source: Pro Wrestling Wikia

23. Breaking character in a promo shoot

During the height of his career and his “deadman” gimmick, came one of the most bizarre moments. The Undertaker came out, clad in ‘regular’ clothes (breaking character) and cut a promo about the evolution of his character.

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24. Losing to Goldust in a casket match

The Undertaker suffered a major blow when he lost to Goldust, an amateur wrestler at that point in time. The Intercontinental Title was on the line in a Casket Match between the two.

Source: Wrestle Stars

25. Riding a chariot to the arena

The Undertaker challenged Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship title by riding a chariot down the aisle! Post that, The Phenom threw lighting at the ring, sending shivers down Kurt Angle’s spine.

Source: 1428 Elm