Most of us have heard the phrase ‘Netflix & Chill’, and in case there are some of us who didn’t or have no idea what it means, here’s what the colloquial reference of the phrase indicates. The ‘Netflix & Chill’ phrase went through a couple of variations before it landed onto where it is right now.

The first recorded use of ‘Netflix and chill’ popped up on Twitter in 2009.

This was back when ‘Netflix & chill’ was used as an indicator of a more introverted activity. Most people used the phrase to tell people about their actual plans, which were mostly to spend an evening watching Netflix and chilling. But, it quickly caught on.

By 2012 ‘Netflix & Chill’ became a phrase in itself.

Beginning to be referred to as a compound noun, the ‘Netflix & Chill’ phrase began to be used as a standalone with no prefixes or suffixes to the statement.

By mid-2014, “Netflix & Chill” began incorporating a hint toward sexual innuendo.

This was the time when teenage girls quickly caught on to a trend where meeting up with boys for an evening of Netflix & chilling had the undertones of ‘hooking up’.

Mid-2015, and ‘Netflix & Chill’ has caught on official catchphrase status.

By this time, the phrase had caught on to official catchphrase status as an innocent statement hinting toward hooking up. It was included to the Urban Dictionary by user LaxBuhl7, defined as, “code for two people going to each other’s houses and fucking or doing other sexual related acts.”

So, who’re you Netflix & Chilling with?