A 2-minute trailer for the upcoming fifth season of Game of Thrones was leaked last night, which prompted HBO to officially release the trailer soon after.

The trailer has caused quite a stir online as many GoT fans are speculating about the changes the showrunners are making with respect to George R.R. Martin’s original plot. One of the main worries of the book-readers is that the show might act as a spoiler to some key plot points which haven’t yet been revealed in the books. Last season’s scene with the White Walkers and the baby was part of one such plot.

Anyway, here’s the actual trailer (not the cam print that’s been doing the rounds).

Just in case the video is deleted due to copyright concerns, you can also check it out on the official Facebook page for Game of Thrones here .

And if you’re interested, the song that plays in the trailer is Tv On The Radio’s cover of David Bowie’s Heroes .

The fifth season airs on April 12th, 2015.