How many times have you woken up only to wish you could go back to the world of dreams again? The concrete jungle we find ourselves amidst makes us reluctant to get up in the morning everyday (not to mention when you snap out of a nap during a boring lecture). Getting up everyday wouldn’t be so difficult if we could find a beautiful sight waiting for us to open our eyes.

Here are some of the places one would rather wake up at :

1. The Manta Resort, Zanzibar – Wake up inside an aquarium

A private floating island, where you can lounge and sleep on the top deck while sunbathing.

Or sleep four meters below the surface in your bedroom which is surrounded by tropical marine environment.

Anusha Saeed

2. Kerala Backwaters Houseboats, India – Wake up in your own houseboat

Fancy taking a ride on a boat? The feeling of waking up on one is going to be beyond amazing!

The view shall be enchanting to say the least.

Anoop Negi

3. Ice Hotel, Sweden – Wake up in room made of ice and snow

Sub-freezing temperatures might give one the chills, but will be so thrilling!

Add to that the novelty of waking up in a room which has to be rebuilt every year!


4. Dedon Island Resort, Indonesia – Wake up in an outdoor living lab

The resort believes in what they like to call it ‘ A barefoot state of mind ‘. Waking up on this Swingrest hanging lounger floating above the water is one of the best ways to wake up.

Or this swinger among the trees.


5. Kolarbyn Ecolodge, Sweden – Wake up in a primitive, mystical hut

Wake up breathing the fresh forest air in a snug hut- who doesn’t want to do that?

The warmth of the rooms will probably make you want to go back to sleep.


6. Attrap’Rêves Hotel, France – Wake up in a bubble

So you can see the world when you wake up, the clear blue skies, the trees, the mist surrounding the trees.

A truly special place to wake up in!

Daily mail

7. Sala Silvermine, Sweden – Wake up in the deepest hotel room in the world

A 300 year old hand-carved hall is the deepest hotel room of the world. Located 155m  below the surface, it is literally far from the humdrum of the city.

:Poke your nose

8. The Crazy House, Vietnam – Wake up inside a fairy house

Adorned with expressionist elements, the guesthouse is an example of unique architecture.

It has also been named as one of the most bizarre buildings of the world.

Apartment therapy

9. Kingston Treehouse, South Africa – Wake up to the Elements

The treehouse resort is located in the middle of the Sabi Sand reserve and is scenic to say the least.

Waking up to the forests surrounding you will be an uplifting and refreshing experience.


10. V8 Hotel, Germany – Wake up in a legendary vintage car

The architecture of the rooms spells grace. And I’m not surprised.

After all vintage cars are a unique feature of these rooms.

Source : Maestro

11. Panchoran Retreat, Indonesia – Wake up in the lap of Nature

The retreat’s principle is to provide its patrons with an experience which doesn’t exploit nature.

That definitely adds to the experience of staying here.


12. Georgian House Hotel, UK – Wake up in a room themed around Harry Potter

Which Potterhead wouldn’t like to open their eyes here? Enough said!

Stay Quirky

13. Astarte Suites, Greece – Wake up in a private suite

The architecture reflects ancient Mediterranean culture and is soothing and relaxing. The hotel aims to cater to the guests’ need for privacy. You r sleep will never be disturbed here!

Santorini Suites

14. Mirror Tree House, Sweden – Wake up in a camouflaged mirror tree house

The tree house which reflects all the surroundings offers a panoramic view to its guests. The thrill of waking up in the middle of a forest where you are concealed in this manner is great.

Cristina Maser

15. A deserted beach in the Andamans- Wake up to the sound of the seas

Nothing can be better than waking up on an absolutely crowd-free beach. Imagine, the music of the seas filling you up and the wind rustling.

Holiday in India

16. Montana Magica Lodge, Chile – Wake up inside a home fit for Hobbits

The hotel resembles a volcano which spews water and is covered with vines and moss.

Waking up one of these beds in the guesthouse which is located in the middle of a 3,00,000 acre forest reserve would be breath-taking.


17. The Moon, Moon – Wake up on Earth’s only Natural satellite

Though this is just a dream for now, wouldn’t it be great if we could actually do it? The expanse of craters could make for real nice blanket forts. And the thrill of seeing the Earth from such a distance!

Yale scientific

Where would you like to wake up?