It might be a gross generalisation but the top three wishes of any person would be to find the love of their lives, to be healthy and to be wealthy. A lot of us spend our entire life chasing after this trinity that seem to be forever elusive and no one really knows why, except for this market in Mexico dedicated to witchcraft which claims to have the answer to these wishes. 

In the centre of Mexico City is located a bustling neighbourhood called Mercado Merced that acts as one of the city’s biggest retail and food markets. Sitting in the heart of Mercado Merced is Mercado Sonora, dedicated to witchcraft, sex, potions and rituals. 





As written by Erin Lee Holland for Broadly, “Signs pegged above the tiny aisles stacked to the ceiling claim to have solutions to all of your problems, no matter how grave they may be”. 

The market is filled with witches and shamans – around 400 of them – offering services like Spanish and Egyptian tarot card readings, cleansing that keeps one away from harm, along with totems, dolls, herbs, potions that are put on sale, black magic, white magic as well statues for worship of the Saint of Death (Santa Muerte) and Saint of Narcos (Malverde).





As mentioned by Holland “The largest range of products available is aimed at finding or keeping love, potions and lotions with names such as Atrapahombres (Trap Men), Ven a Mi (Come to Me), Amansa Guapos (Tame Handsome Men) and Rompe Colchón (Break the Mattress). There are also other things like tobaccos, candles, shampoos, soaps, teas, amulets, voodoo dolls, for all kinds of spells from fixing your car, to getting a new job or taking revenge on your enemies.”




Whatever your questions might be, Mercado Sonora has the answers and in the right amount.

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All images taken from Broadly