Bored with regular sources of entertainment? Worry not, fellow travelers of the interwebs. You’ve landed up this page where you will be delighted with a list of GIFs that you cannot stop staring at. No, we’re not talking of slow-motion videos of running lifeguards a la Baywatch. Have a look for yourself.

1. Ripple formed by water dripping from a hypodermic needle

2. Paint dancing on speakers

3. When lithium catches fire

4. A bubble explodes in slow-motion

5. Pop goes the popcorn

6. When a cymbal is struck

7. Because snakes hate water balloons too

8. When the soot on metal ignites

9. Ye haath nahin, hathoda hai

10. Because you always wanted to catch the rogue bulb

11. Jelly gone wild

12. Infinite hallway

13. Newton’s cradle. Level – Bulbs

14. More than 9 lives

15. Because sometimes, a car wants to feel like a child

16. A Mariachi and his football

17. Bullet hitting a wall

18. Tommy Gun firing in slow-motion

19. Tattoo needle creating skin ripple

20. A potter’s wheel

All gifs sourced from Tumblr