Tragedy struck the Mexican lucha libre circuit after fighter Pedro Aguayo Ramirez sustained fatal injuries inside the ring during a match involving wrestling superstar Rey Mysterio Jr. During the match, Mysterio drop-kicked Ramirez to set up his signature 619 move. But the impact of the kick to the side of his neck caused serious damage, immediately after which Ramirez hit the middle rope throat first. At this point, Ramirez went limp but everyone assumed that was part of the show and the match continued.

Here’s a footage of the incident we found on YouTube.

According to the initial announcement from the hospital, Aguayo died from a cervical spine trauma, reportedly as a result of a dropkick by Mysterio Jr. that propelled him forward and caused the ring ropes to snap his neck. The official cause of death was later announced as cardiac arrest, believed to be sustained from the injury to the neck.

This unfortunate incident highlights the risk involved in the wrestling entertainment industry. The fights might be scripted and the results pre-determined, but this does not mean the athletes are not putting their bodies on the line for the sake of entertainment.

Rest in peace, Pedro Aguayo Ramirez.