Going on a vacation means to let loose and have fun but these tourists clearly had it otherwise.

The Independent compiled a list of countries which aren't worth visiting twice based on the incidents and experiences shared by people on this Reddit thread, which asked them the same.

1. Egypt: Sexual Harassment

They are rude, ignorant and have no sense of decency. I met maybe one or two nice Egyptians whilst I was there. They will try to steal, cheat or con you out of your money at any chance they can get, constantly shout racist, sexist and vulgar things at you as you pass them by, regardless of the location and regardless of what you're currently doing. God forbid you go there and are female; I cannot count the times that an Egyptian came up to someone I knew and groped, inappropriately hit on or screamed abuse at if they didn't give them what they wanted. I watched a group of men, probably in their forties, make sexual advances on a 12 year old girl.

- TogShark

2. Honduras: Violence

Honduras, I went with a church because I was dating the minister's daughter. We were held at gunpoint and gave a couple hundred dollar bribe. Some guy pulled a knife on us while yelling Spanish but all his friends grabbed him. I saw 3 dead bodies just laying on the side of the road, and I'm pretty sure I saw some prostitution from younger girls. Oh and this young couple had a bed rolled up on the back of their bike, rolled it out, and fucked right outside my bedroom window. 

- Unknown

3. Saudi Arabia: Homophobia

Went to Saudi Arabia at 19. Horrific country. I'm not being racist, I have no phobia towards Muslims or the Middle East but I was terrified when I was in that country. Not only is it horrifyingly homophobic and sexist, but any step out of their culture is met with abuse on the street. I even had one guy shout something at me because I had curly hair at the time. 

- BoostOfMotivation

4. Philippines: Sex Trade

I found the people to be very nice but there is a lot of poverty which means people do whatever they can to get by. A factory worker puts in 8-12 hours of work and makes what a person in the US would make in 1-2 hours at minimum wage. The sex trade is very prevalent; many "joiners" (prostitutes) are barely legal farm girls who were sent by their parents to sell themselves to make money for the family. It is incredibly sad.

- LzrdKing70

5. Croatia: Ethnic Conflicts

I have nothing against Croats and it's a beautiful country and I wish I could be visiting it all the time - but the last few times I went there, I was threatened for being a Serb. The first time I was 12, and some guys showed a pistol to my parents after finding out we were Serbs, we stayed in a small hotel by the sea and at night someone was shooting in the air outside and screaming "Srbe na vrbe" which means something like "Serbs should be hanged on willows"; other times it was insults and threats, without pistols though. My friend also actually got stabbed FIVE times for being a Serb; he had lived there as a teenager in early 2000s. When they shot him (he almost died), he moved to Serbia.

- GrainneNi

6. Philippines: Begging Mafia

I saw an adorable 4-5 year old girl begging outside McDonald's. I was about to give her some change when My host said, ‘Don't EVER give beggars like her money! The gang owns her and she will never be able to keep it.’ If you want to help her give her some left over food because the gang may let her keep that." Later the host told me that when she turns 7 or 8 she would be sold to a brothel for the pedophile business.

- toml3030

7. India: Begging Mafia

In India I gave food to a small girl. When we left the restaurant I witnessed a gang of men attack, beat and then take the bread from her. I felt, and still do pretty shitty about that.

- Xenjael

8. Jamaica: Harassment

Unemployment is high and the entire island felt increasingly unsafe if you decided to leave the resort. Tons of young men loitering around any open shops just waiting to swoop in and surround/follow you as you walked or shopped. And that was during the daytime. At night you stayed at the resort that was protected by high walls and armed guards. Not reassuring.

- covok48

9. Bahamas: Xenophobia

I really did not like the Bahamas. Beautiful place, but the vibe I got from the locals was very much "if it weren't for your tourist dollars we'd rather you weren't here at all." Everybody had their hand out for a tip. Everybody was working an angle. Everybody looked like they hated to have to deal with tourists.

- gogojack

10. Barbados: Sexual Harassment

I went to Barbados recently and hated it for a similar reason. I never felt safe and would constantly be harassed by the men there. Getting hit on my tour guides just ruined my experience.

- crimson-adl

11. North Korea: State Control

- Arkiasis

12. Vietnam: Harassment

Wonderful food and had a blast, but god damn, you could not be left alone to save your life. Someone was always trying to sell you something. You could be sitting in front of a restaurant having a beer and 20 people would come up in a 30 minute period trying to hawk shit at you. Ridiculous.

- Unknown

13. Turkey: Sexual Harassment

- TogShark

Watch out for your next trip!