There's the cards you gave to friends and relatives as kids, and then there's the Satanic greetings from hell that you'll see below. Hallmark cards are pretty damn passe, so people everywhere have been getting creative with their holiday well wishes. As you can probably tell though, it isn't exactly as vanilla as you'd hope.

Check it!

1. Nope! Nothing creepy here!

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2. Ahh, the perfect Christmas.

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3. Clowns. Nuff said.

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5. When the folks start drinking.

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6. That's a wiener! 

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7. Jigsaw's got competition.

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8. Dark comedy? What's that?

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9. Aww, it's a crack baby!

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10. "Is Papa Pumpkin gonna be okay?"

"Of course not Timmy, they cut his goddamn eye off!" 

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11. Mmm, the taste of love.

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12. Finders keepers, dead frogs weepers.

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13. I got nothing.

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14. Damn furries everywhere!

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15. I'm watching you... with love.

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16. Toad - "I used to be a prince you know."

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17. Season's greeting!

- Satan

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18. Who needs sleep anyway?!

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19. Stick to your roots.

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20. So bad it hurts!

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21. Aww widdle pinky.

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This is actually normal in Japan - True story.