This is a chip. Harmless. Tasty. Enticing, even.

When you're the one eating it, it's all these things and more.

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And then there's that dreaded moment when someone eats one. And that's when it hits you.

The mind-grating *CRUNCH*.

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A noise that seems to reverberate inside your head, like a bell in a tower.

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Has it happened to you?

Misophonia is a disorder in which people get annoyed by sounds such as eating, chewing, heavy breathing or even pen clicking.

You may think you don't have it. But we're almost certain you do.

People with this disorder have a defect in their emotional control mechanism which sends their brain into overdrive on hearing certain trigger sounds. 

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Such as this. *crunch crunch crunch*. Are you turning your head away?

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How about a mouthful of crispy fries being chewed? Oh god, you can almost hear the sickening crunch!

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And when someone unwraps a wad of gum, oh no. Cue endless hours of torture.

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Imagine someone breathing heavily near your neck and ears, standing behind you.

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That may be just a fluffy goat to most people, but to you, it's an unstoppable crunch machine. Won't this end?!

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Oh, thank god, noodles. There's nothing to crunch in noo- oh no. That slurping. No, for the love of everything that's holy please stop!

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Carrots are your worst enemy.

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You think you could take a nap with loud snoring in the background? Like a generator running?

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That sound when the drink gets over but you're sucking air through the straw. 

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Or this incessant ding-ding sound of the bell getting louder by the second till you can hardly stand it?

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Just some frenzied pen clicking, click click click click. Can you hear it resounding in your skull?

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Imagine these nails clicking on each other, trying to scrape out something from under a nail.

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Why would anyone scrape a fork across a glass plate with that sharp screeching noise made by steel on glass?

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I'm sorry, does this bother you?

Tore out your hair yet?

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