The Earth is a beautiful place. It's really a shame that we don't take time out to appreciate all that we have on our great planet. We usually need reminders, sometimes rude, to tell us how lucky we are to inhabit this beautiful planet. 

BBC has come up with one such reminder.  In 2006, they released a documentary titled Planet Earth. It was the most expensive nature documentary at the time, and had eleven high-definition episodes, each showcasing the variety of species occurring in a different biome on earth. 

10 years on, they are coming up with a sequel. Planet Earth 2, like its predecessor, is narrated by broadcasting legend Sir David Attenborough, and is the first ever BBC series to be filmed in Ultra HD. They released a trailer on October 9,  and it is breathtaking. 

It showcases the marvel, that is our planet, with its diverse wildlife. 

They're in the coldest of climates,

and in the hottest of habitats.

 Some enjoy a good time with their buddies..

Others have to fight their own for food.

We have lizards that fly..

and birds that don't.

Some of these terrorise the land,

while others rule the skies.

The series has been divided into six parts, with each part being an hour long. According to reports, one episode will deal with big cities and how animals interact with human civilisation, with special focus on Mumbai and its interaction with leopards. 

We'll hold you no more. Watch the complete trailer: 

Don't forget to watch the complete documentary. It premieres tomorrow.