Yes, you read that right! Bizarre as it may sound, a Poland-based company is raising money for this latest venture of theirs: a brewed beer that uses lactic acid bacteria from the vagina of a Czech model. 

Source: The Order of Yoni

Warsaw based company The Order of Yoni (Yoni being a Sanskrit word for "vagina") is set to crowdfund about $170,000 with an IndieGoGo campaign for "Bottled Instinct", which is a beer brewed using lactic acid bacteria collected from the umm, vagina of model Alexandra Brendlova. 

Source: Surfer

The company in its YouTube video says: "We have discovered a process of transmission of her essence of her femininity, her instincts by isolation of lactic acid bacteria from her vagina. Our laboratory isolates and multiplies the bacteria in a safe way."

Hyper-sexualized and lecherous lingo has also been used to create hysteria for the product. 

"Imagine a woman of your dreams, your object of desire. Her charm, her sensuality, her passion... Try her taste, feel her smell, hear her voice... Imagine her massaging you passionately and whispering into your ear everything you want. Now free your fantasies and imagine that with a magic wand you can close it in one bottle of beer," the IndiGoGo page reads.

Source: RUV

Each bottle of the beer will be stamped with Brendlova's name along with the date of the collection of her vaginal swab. WTF? 

The beers, however, would not have the taste or the odour of a vagina. 

Source: BBC

The Order of Yoni states that their future plans include brewing other types of beers, with the bacteria from other women. 

Damn, what has this world come to?