There is absolutely nothing worse than new year parties. The music is too loud and no one can hear anyone. I really don't understand the whole craze and anticipation for a clumsy scene that most of these offer. Year after year, I have tried to engage in the festivities as little as I can and somehow even the few gatherings that I do attend, make me feel like all the energy is sucked out of me with a really powerful vacuum cleaner.

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I dread the over-indulgence that I have previously got myself deeply immersed into — whether I like it or not — because I am never able to catch up on something that is most important to me —me.

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Don’t get me wrong, though. I love having fun, but it gets a bit much around the new year's eve, don't you think? The constant small talk with a bunch of strangers or friends of friends, gyrating to loud/shrill music, kind of defeats the whole purpose. No one seems to have time for one-on-one meaningful conversations with their loved ones or people who matter. I crave for time that uplifts me and makes me feel free. I feel completely myself when I am alone. 

Hence, this year I have decided to take my desires a step ahead. I am making a list of things that I'd rather do on this new year’s eve.

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It may sound banal, but yes, breakfast seems like a luxury now. Living a hectic lifestyle, I can't recollect a time, when I actually made and ate a proper meal in the morning. So yes, I intend to ring in the new year by keeping my tummy happy, and cook myself a nice scrumptious breakfast. 

Ah, poached eggs and toast. The one time that I did it in 2018, it was the most fulfilling experience one can have when you're full and ready to take on the day.

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It will be safe to say that 2018 was also a year when I splurged a lot, like a lot. Shopping helped me overcome many work debacles and heartaches. While I kept hoarding to my heart's content, I did not find enough time to clean up that mess. My closet is a mess and I need to fix it. 

So, after getting charged with a healthy breakfast, I am going to indulge in thorough cleaning. I vow to clean my space. My bathroom, bedroom and almirah. I am going to get rid of all the clutter and get ready to face 2019 in full form. 

And once I am done cleaning my space, I intend to pamper myself rotten.

Hmm, not rotten, but yes, a little vanity doesn't hurt. I will indulge in some Do-It-Yourself pedicure, manicure. Maybe, craft a funky nail art, if I am up to it (did I mention, I am super lazy?).

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There's one thing that I have been postponing, but not anymore. I will sign up for that gym membership.

Yes. It is a promise I made to myself ages ago, but since no one is getting any younger, it is time we gave our bodies due attention, and yearned for a healthier lifestyle. So my new year's eve, will definitely be spent, finding myself a good work out regime or a fitness center to kickstart my dreams of a healthy body and mind in 2019. Sounds like a plan, innit?

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2018 was also the year when I moved into a new apartment. And while I knew it boasted of a gorgeous terrace, I have hardly had the time to enjoy it. So this new year's eve, I shall finally step into my beautiful terrace and bathe in the sun. 

Probably, roll myself a nice doobie and listen to my favourite music near the sun-lit plants on my terrace. (So much better than cranking up music too loud in a pub, right?)

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Another thing that I would want to accomplish is designing my dream board for 2019

Create a pretty template to point out my goals and dreams for 2019 and pin them all on board.

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^ Something like this. 

Being an introvert does not mean we don't like meeting people. We like meeting people that matter, in intimate gatherings. Like a quiet bonfire with loved ones. 

To add to the ambience, I'd add some pretty decoration and pair it with some yummy home-cooked food. 

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Time passes you by, quite literally. It has been almost two years since I adopted my dog from shelter care and it seems like I haven't spent enough time with him. 

And, hoping that 2019 will be different for him and I, I plan to take him to a local pet grooming centre before we hop to a nearby cafe and reconnect. This date will be paw-sibly the best date ever.

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I am going to end my day by binge-watching a couple of good movies of 2018. 

Nothing sounds better than cuddling up in a super cozy blanket and falling deep into the characters in the movies, doesn't it?

So for all you like-minded people, here are a few ideas to kickstart your new year. Any novel ideas are much appreciated in the comments section below.