While watching Game Of Thrones, we find ourselves looking forward to scenes with Olenna Tyrell in them, knowing that her sharp, barbed wit and sarcasm leave those around her nonplussed. The strong matriarch of the Tyrell family slays it with her sauciness and leaves even Cersei defeated. Adept at court politics and intrigues, she fiercely looks out for her family and guards the house's interests. Her repartees keep us wanting more! 

So here you go, 20 times the Queen of Thorns killed it with her words.

Here's a hilarious one. This is her comeback to Tywin Lannister's jibe on Loras' rumoured 'nocturnal activities'. Classic.

And this is what she said to Tyrion's face when he was Master of Coin,

The Queen of Thorns' wisecrack on Margaery marrying Tommen Lannister.

Brings a grin to your face, doesn't she?

Design credit: Disha Bhanot