We all know what Ranveer Singh is famous for. The amount of energy he brings to the screen is extremely infectious, the level of enthusiasm he possesses puts electrons to shame, and don’t even get us started on the #StyleGoals he has been setting for all of us. From the silver screen to the red carpet, he has his fashion game on point. And who wouldn't want to learn a trick or two from him?

He is at it again as the face of the latest commercial by  Head & Shoulders where he is on the side of grooming and dandruff is a big no no. And let's face it, grooming is largely ignored by men and their chalta hai attitude. Given the fact that Ranveer chose to say it himself, it is high time you listened to him and kicked dandruff out of your head like a boss. So, enough from us, hear it from the horse's mouth directly because seriously, #DandruffNahinChalega. 

Oh Ranveer, can you like, for once, just stop being so freaking awesome? 

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