"I need something that'll make a guy cum in his pants as soon as he sees me."

Let's just say that any woman who is bold and badass enough to say something like this out loud is not just another ordinary woman. And we know for a fact that Samantha Jones from Sex and the City definitely is unlike any other woman you'd know.

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Samantha Jones (played by Kim Catrall), she of the fabulous PR skills, unabashed lifestyle and passion for sex, knew exactly what she wanted, how to get what she wanted and always made sure to get it on her own terms. She was completely undisguised about her life and just as unapologetic about her sex life. Never the one to be tied down, she didn't give into societal pressures or the opinion of those around her. 

Her life was her own and she made sure she lived it that way!

Sex and the City was a phenomenon that appealed to all generations. The dynamic personalities of the four lead characters and their sassy conversations about sex might have startled the audience back then but watching re-reruns of the show makes us realise that this show is simply timeless.

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Carrie - the eternal romantic, Miranda - the judgemental pessimist and Charlotte - the innocent prude were all dramatically different from each other.

But Samantha Jones was totally the 'IT girl'!

Samantha was honest and never politically correct. She said it like it was and always stood up for what she believed in. It was hard to spot a Samantha-like woman back in the day and honestly, it's hard even now. You and I may know a few women like her but it's still a rare breed to find. And that's precisely why we all love Samantha so much. She set goals for women and we can all look up to for her spirit and chutzpah! 

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Samantha wanted a big penis & she said it out loud.

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And kudos to her for saying it! She didn't beat around the bush when it came to her orgasm and talked about sex like women have always wanted to, unabashedly. She called out the men who couldn't satisfy her and always made sure that she got her big O! 

Frankly, her sex life still makes most of us envious, right? 

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Gay or straight, she did them all!

The only time Samantha loved labels was on her couture! Her sex life, however, needed no such thing. She loved having sex with men and she was totally up for trying it out with women. Her short-lived relationship with Maria was proof of her sexually liberal and progressive attitude.  

Calling her sex life adventurous would be an understatement. Her hunt for the perfect orgasm led her through some of the best moments we have ever seen on television.

Be it having sex with a gay couple or making a guy taste his own cum, Samantha did pretty much EVERYTHING you can imagine! 

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But when it came to love, she had her priorities right.

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Monogamy was never a thing for her but when she did fall in love, she couldn't be non-monogamous either. She could never be with a man who cheated on her, case in point, Richard Wright. And when she felt monogamy was taking out all the fun from her life, she chose to leave the love of her life, Smith Jerrod, to live life just like she wanted! 

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Even breast cancer couldn't kill her mojo! 

Samantha wanted bigger boobs but instead got diagnosed with breast cancer. But even that couldn't break her. Carrie got her heart broken a million times by Mr. Big, Charlotte could never imagine her life without a man in it, even Miranda struggled with her with feelings for Steve but Samantha who was fighting cancer was ready it to face it head on. She put on the best of wigs and even made a sex tape with Smith!

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Judgemental? Not her style!

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Samantha was the perfect friend anyone could ask for! And she totally treasured her friendship with the three girls. She was fiercely loyal and could be trusted with any secret. Even when Carrie had an affair with her married ex-boyfriend, Samantha stood by her without an ounce of judgement. 

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She rocked it even at work! 

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She was an ace when it came to her profession. She had her own PR firm and had all the right connections in all the right places. Smith became a Hollywood star only after Samantha helped him out.  

And dare anyone doubt her capability just because she's a woman.

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There aren't many as feisty yet classy as Samantha Jones. She was way ahead of her time and truly, still remains unmatched. She gave us those single girl goals that could totally be our life mantra. 

As she put it herself, she was truly fabulous!

Samantha Jones, forever!