Note: NSFW content ahead

These bodies hanging with metal clamps appear nothing short of a scene from a psycho thriller to us! But they are as real as Donald Trump and cannot be unseen.

Being inside a sex-doll making factory might just be a fantasy to some, but after seeing this video, you might find the whole business way more haunting than arousing.

Super Deluxe documented this video inside a sex-doll making factory and to be honest, watching lifeless human bodies crafted so accurately is weird to say the least.

Robert Benson, a photographer, while roving through Japan, found interest in the sex doll making factories and decided to dig deeper. 

He told Gizmodo:

I was surprised to find out that the nation’s largest ‘love doll’ factory was right in my own neighbourhood, near San Diego, California.

The craftsmanship of these workers is beyond commendable. They even customize dolls according to the clients’ preferences.

They play around with skin tones, hair styles, eyes, genitalia etc. Not only that, they also make dolls for the members of the trans community and people with varied orientations! 

Fascinating, ain't it?