As a hardcore SRK fan, like me, have you too wondered how would it be to have him as your boss? You know like, working behind the scenes with him to see what goes on in a day in the life of King Khan? 

Turns out that a Quora user, who used to work at SRK's home office understood our plight and finally revealed it all.

 The following question was floating around on Quora:

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This is when SRK's ex-employee decided to enlighten us all with everything we had ever wanted to know about the superstar. She claims to have worked under him for one year and chose to answer this question anonymously, since she is still a part of the industry.


She elaborated each and everything about him in detailed points. Here are the excerpts:

1. "He’s a gentleman!"

She stated an example of how he would always hold the door open for every female employee, regardless of her hierarchical status at work.

Chivalry lessons, boys?

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2. "He never misses a chance to garner love from his fans."

Unlike other stars, he never draws the blinds or has tinted windows in his car. He happily smiles and waves back at them. 

Truly the Badshah of our hearts!

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3. "He has a special department for charities."

There's a separate team looking after all of SRK's charitable work. This team takes care of all the requirements that have to be catered to, under his name. We have never heard of this bunch of people because they don't have a PR person representing them.

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4. "He’s a dedicated family man."

Apparently, SRK has a dedicated 'family time' during which he doesn't like to be disturbed, unless it's urgent. This rule gets stricter if his kids are visiting!

Avoid using your phone next time you're chilling with family. Learn from SRK!

Source: The Indian Express

5. "He’s a total foodie."

 If there's one thing that SRK is willing to give up on his diet regime for, it is Sita Ram Diwan Chand ke Chhole Bhature, from Purani Dilli. And this is exactly what he did, when he realized that Ms. Anonymous had got some of these for lunch one day.

I'm just imagining how amazing it'd be to share lunch with King Khan!

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6. "He’s very humble."

For this one we just have to quote her answer because it's awwdorable!

"I once accidentally ran my pen over his jacket worth 11-freaking-lacs! His assistant was ready to rip my throat open, but he said it’s ok. He gave me side hug from one arm, ruffled my hair, & asked me to be more careful in the future."

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7. "He’s way wittier in real life."

She compares SRK's style of humor to that of Chandler Bing. He's witty and unapologetically sarcastic when it comes to cracking jokes. He could very well be a stand-up comedian, she adds.

Source: The Indian Express

8. "He’s a hothead.. Not."

It's his passion that is mistaken for aggression. She calls it a "Delhi thing" and appreciates every bit of it. To quote her, "May be that Delhi ka ‘tora’ still lingers in him, & may be his non-Delhi colleagues & media personnel misunderstand that."

Ain't he a total Dilwala Dilli-waala?

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9. "He’s a hard worker." 

Turns out, while his team has to change shifts to cope up with his work schedule, he's always on his toes like a one-man army. From taking all the major business decisions to giving his employees a feedback every now and then, SRK is all work!

Source: Indian Express

10. "He is well-informed & well-read."

Just recently SRK was visiting universities with his son, in order to get him the best education possible. His lust for knowledge isn't unknown. Apparently, the man gets 3 sets of 3 different newspapers, kept in his study, office and car. Apart from that he keeps himself updated with his tablet. 

How do you find the time, SRK?

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11. "He’s keeps his pre-stardom friends close."

He knows how to keep a friendship alive. While many of his friends from back home hold high positions at Red Chillies, others have him as an investor/adviser in their respective businesses.

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12. "He’s always late."

She says that he is exactly 2 hours late, every time he has to be somewhere. But, it's not because he's chilling or lazing around. He is always on his toes, juggling ten things at once, doing the kind of work that is impossible to do in 24 hours.

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If you haven't gotten enough of his awesomeness as a boss, then click here to read the entire Quora answer.