Bigg Boss 16 Episode Highlights Day 2: October 2, 2022

Manya Ailawadi

Bigg Boss is back with a bang, and this time, it looks like things are going to be grander than ever. The premiere night was no less than an extravaganza with some of our favourite faces from the internet and television world. Yesterday, we got the perfect wrap to the weekend, and now it’s time that you catch-up with all that’s happened, with the highlights from Bigg Boss‘ yesterday’s episode.

This year, the Bigg Boss house theme is ‘circus’, which was already unveiled during the grand opening. While being the on-point host that we know and see, Salman Khan also introduced us to the Bigg Boss 16 contestants.

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This episode started with Bigg Boss asking Sajid Khan to be Abdu’s translator as he’s not very well-versed with the Hindi language. It was later announced that there will be no wake-up songs in Bigg Boss 16, instead, contestants will have to gather in the garden are to sing the Bigg Boss anthem.

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Gautam, Tina, Shalin and others were assigned a task each, through the phone in the living area. During the episode, MC Stan also rapped for everyone, and even taught Bigg Boss a little about desi pop.

Later, Nimrat talked about rationing food properly, which according to her, lacks at the moment in the house. Bigg Boss also mentioned that this season, the captain will have to be more hands on in order to avail privileges.

MC Stan was asked to be more comfortable with housemates, while Tina and Sreejita were questioned about their equation by Bigg Boss himself.

Just the first weekend, and clearly we’re in for an entertaining ride!

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