There are times when we want to feel mawkishly sentimental and revisit the emotions we often ignore or push to the back of our minds. However much we ignore it, we are all a little sappy on the inside. A romantic movie is something that can bring back memories of an old lover, or, rekindle your current affair, give you warmth, and reinstate your trust in love. When it comes to Korean Romantic Movies, you can expect all these emotions to intensify tenfolds.

Here’s a list of Korean romantic movies that you must include in your watch list.

1. Il Mare (2000)

Love finds itself in the most unexpected places. Il Mare is a 2000 Korean fantasy romantic tale of two people who communicate with each other through letters in a mailbox, with a two-year lag. Watch it to get the hang of a story which speaks differently from every other story. It has an IMDb rating of 7.5.

Best Romantic Korean Movie 
Il Mare (2000) - IMDb

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2. Lover’s Concerto (2002)

Lover’s Concerto is a 2002 romantic melodrama dealing with friendship, jealousy and the ties that bind. Most of us must have confused friendship with love or worse, spoiled friendship for love. The need to possess your lover and call them your own often overpowers everything else. Watch this movie to find an innocent tale of love and friendship, honest to the core. This beautiful romantic Korean film has an IMDb rating of 7.2.

Lover's Concerto (2002) romantic Korean movies

3. The Beauty Inside (2015)

A furniture designer wakes up in a different body every day. The Beauty Inside is a story of what happens when he falls in love with a woman he meets through his work. It was released in 2015 and has an IMDb rating of 7.3. And if you’re looking for a romantic Korean movie to watch this weekend, this could be it for you.

The Beauty Inside (2015) romantic Korean movies

4. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… And Spring (2003)

This movie talks about a Buddhist master patiently raising a young boy who grows up in wisdom and compassion, calm and conscious, through experience and endless exercises. The boy eventually falls in love with a young girl. Watch the movie to discover the conflict love brings to the mind. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… And Spring was released in 2003 and has an IMDb rating of 8.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring - romantic Korean movies

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Comedy Romantic Korean Movies

5. My Sassy Girl (2001)

Based on true stories posted by Ho-sik Kim on the internet, in which he narrates his love affair with his girlfriend, My Sassy Girl is a 2001 mega-hit that often draws comparisons to Titanic. This movie talks about how everything else can be overlooked when you are attracted to someone. With an IMDb rating of 8, it’s a must-watch.

My Sassy Girl (2001) - IMDb Best Romantic Korean Movies

6. My Little Bride (2004)

Sang-min is a college student excited about his carefree dating life and Bo-eun is his 16-year-old childhood pal who has a crush on a boy from her school. Bo-eun’s grandfather fixes her marriage with Sang-min. Watch it to witness a true testament to a perfect mix of comedy, romance and melodrama. My Little Bride, released in 2004, is one of the best comedy romantic Korean drama and has an IMDb rating of 7.1.

My Little Bride - Wikipedia

7. Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006)

Seducing Mr. Perfect is a 2006 movie with a 6.5 IMDb rating. This movie revolves around the story of two people with completely different approaches towards a relationship. One sees it as a play of power and the other believes that a mindless and selfless love always reigns supreme even if it makes one feel vulnerable. An affair that will make most of us want to be in a relationship like that, is worth a watch.

Best Romantic Korean Movies Seducing Mr. Perfect - Wikipedia

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8. 3-Iron (2004)

3-Iron is a romantic Korean drama released in 2004 and has an IMDb rating of 7.9. The plot circles around the relationship between a young man who breaks into empty houses to enjoy the vacationing residents’ lives for a few days and an abused housewife. Nothing in this movie is explained fully, just like nothing in life is. With minimum dialogue and a god-awesome level of cinematography, I don’t think you will find a movie which is funnier, lighter and warmer. To watch is to understand – verdict!

Best Romantic Korean Movie 3-Iron - Rotten Tomatoes

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9. On Your Wedding Day (2018)

What would you do if you receive an invitation to your ex’s wedding? On Your Wedding Day is a 2018 romantic Korean movie with an 8.5 IMDb rating. It is a story about a man who receives an invitation to his ex’s wedding 10 years after their breakup. He reminisces about their epic romance trying to figure out what went wrong.

On Your Wedding Day (2018) romantic Korean movies

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10. Too Beautiful To Lie (2004)

A beautiful ex-con meets a naive village pharmacist and a series of unplanned events leads to her pretending to be his fiancee. His family chooses to believe her in spite of him telling them she is lying. The pair get to know each other and fall in love. Too Beautiful To Lie was released in 2004 and has an IMDb rating of 7. Watch it for the feel-good factor it provides.

Too Beautiful to Lie - romantic Korean movies

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11. Love 911 (2012)

When a cold-hearted doctor is sued for malpractice, she tries to woo a dedicated firefighter to testify for her. An attempt to save her medical license follows a funny and lovable tale. Love 911 is a 2012 Korean rom-com with an IMDb rating of 6.9 and is regarded as a must-watch by fans.

Love 911 - romantic Korean movies

12. 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant (2004)

100 Days With Mr. Arrogant is a 2004 Korean rom-com with an IMDb rating of 6. When a heartbroken girl kicks a beer can and hits a man’s Lexus, he demands she pays for the damages or be his slave for 100 days, and comedy follows.

romantic Korean movies

13. A Millionaire’s First Love (2006)

“Nothing is more important than the true love of your heart,” that’s the theme A Millionaire’s First Love follows. A typical rich kid has to graduate from a countryside school in order to gain his inheritance. He is miserable there but then he finds a girl and falls in love. This romantic Korean movie was released in 2006 and has an IMDb rating of 7.2.

romantic Korean movies

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14. Spellbound (2011)

Spellbound also known as My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts, is a 2011 South Korean horror romantic comedy film with a 6.8 IMDb rating. It’s a story about a magician who falls in love with a girl who sees ghosts. It was released in 2011 and is a fan favourite.

romantic Korean movies

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Sad Romantic Korean Movies

15. A Moment To Remember (2004)

A Moment To Remember is a 2004 romantic Korean drama. This is a love story that is put to test when one of the lovers is diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease. With an IMDb rating of 8.1, this movie takes us out of the comfort zone of a convenient affair and teaches us how to love through the march of time in difficulties.

Best Romantic Korean Movies A Moment to Remember (2004)

16. Pairan (2001)

Pairan or Failan is a 2001 romantic Korean drama adapted from a Japanese novel and has an IMDb rating of 7.5. The plot revolves around two people whose marriage was arranged through a match-making agency. It takes loving a person to a whole new level with both of them valuing the other person’s love and existence without meeting even once.

Best Romantic Korean Movies Failan (2001) romantic Korean movies

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17. Oasis (2002)

Ever dreamt of someone who understands and accepts you with all your flaws, no matter what, or, someone who accepts you with all the darkness you have to hide and offer? It must be so beautiful to finally open up completely to someone without fear and worry. Oasis was released in 2002 and has an IMDb rating of 7.9. Watch this movie as it takes you through a journey of love between a social misfit and someone who suffers from cerebral palsy, their love is sure to melt hearts.

Oasis (2002) romantic Korean movies

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18. Christmas in August (1998)

Christmas in August is a 1998 Korean romantic film with a 7.6 IMDb rating. This story talks about Hahn Suk-Kyu who suffers from a fatal disease. He goes on to fall in love with Shim Eun-Ha. Watch it to know what will serve the fate of a relationship which has such a slim chance of survival.

Romantic Korean Movie Christmas in August (1998) romantic Korean movies

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19. The Classic (2003)

The Classis was released in 2003 and has an IMDb rating of 7.8. The story revolves around Ji-Hae, who starts writing love letters on behalf of her friend. As she starts writing, she discovers her mother’s romance which is remarkably similar to hers. Watch this movie for a two-hour journey of tear-jerking, beautiful, gripping romance, the feel of which is sure to linger longer than you thought.

Best Romantic Korean Movie The Classic (2003) romantic Korean movies

20. Sad Movie (2005)

Released in 2005, Sad Movie is truly one of the best sad Korean romantic dramas. Eight individuals’ various love stories revolve around this film. Apart from boasting a star-studded cast, it takes you on a journey which touches upon every aspect of your emotion with parallel stories running in the movie. It has an IMDb rating of 7.2. And oh, keep some tissues handy for this one.

Sad Movie (2005) romantic Korean movies

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21. Be With You (2018)

Before dying, a woman makes a promise to her husband and son that she will come back with the rain. The rainy season comes, and so does she but without her memories. Be With You was released in 2018 and has an IMDb rating of 7.7. The beauty lies in how the movie ends and once you watch it, it’ll seem like the only plausible option.

Be With You (2018) romantic Korean movies

22. Snow Is On The Sea (2015)

What happens when a young girl who suffers from a severe illness falls for a guy and he proposes marriage? Snow Is On The Sea is a 2015 drama which tells the tale of the difficulties that the pair faces due to her illness and how it impacts their relationship. With an IMDb rating of 7.2, this movie is a true tearjerker.

Snow Is on the Sea (2015) - IMDb
romantic Korean movies

23. Unforgettable (2016)

When a radio jockey receives a letter from his first love, the almost forgotten memories of the past surface. Unforgettable is a 2016 Korean romantic movie with an IMDb rating of 7.2. It’s a story of friendship and love and how one fateful day can change your life for years to come. You’re definitely going to cry your heart out after this one.

romantic Korean movies

24. More Than Blue (2009)

When you know you can’t be with the person you love, you do everything you can to ensure they are happy when you’re gone. That’s the story of More Than Blue, a 2009 Korean romantic film which has an IMDb rating of 7.5. A terminally ill man tries to keep his love a secret and find the love of his life a partner who can keep her happy when he is gone. Be ready to have your heart ripped out.

romantic Korean movies

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25. Windstruck (2004)

Windstruck is a heartwarming romance between a Physics teacher and a police officer. Even though the guy passes away, he will always remain her forever. This movie was released in 2004, and has an IMDb rating of 7.1.

romantic Korean movies

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26. My Tutor Friend (2003)

When a rich high school kid, who should ideally be in year two of college, has to maintain a score to avoid being sent to the US, the family hires a tutor the same age as him. What follows is a sweet story. My Tutor Friend is a 2003 Korean romantic action movie with an IMDb rating of 6.5. It’s a perfect blend of action, comedy and romance.

romantic Korean movies

27. Always (2011)

Always is a love story centred around an ex-boxer, Chul-min, and a telemarketer, Jung-hwa. It was released in 2011 and has an IMDb rating of 7.7. Watch this story to discover all the other hidden emotions that come into play when romance is involved. It will cause you heartbreak and provide warmth at the same time.

Always (2011) - IMDb
romantic Korean movies

28. Spy Girl (2004)

A guy has a huge crush on a girl who works at a fast-food restaurant. What he doesn’t know is she is a spy from North Korea. It’s a fan favourite and is regarded as a charming Korean romantic action comedy movie. Spy Girl was released in 2004, and has an IMDb rating of 5.9.

romantic Korean movies

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29. Deiji (2006)

Deiji is a 2006 Korean romantic action movie with an IMDb rating of 7.4. It revolves around a tragic love triangle between a young painter, an Interpol detective, and a professional hitman.

romantic Korean movies

30. Romance Of Their Own (2004)

When her father passes away, a girl from the countryside moves to Seoul, where she gets trapped in a love triangle with the two most popular guys at the school. Romance Of Their Own is a 2004 Korean romantic action movie with an IMDb rating of 6.3.

romantic Korean movies

31. Out Live (2000)

A vengeful martial arts warrior who is nursed back to life leads a team of warriors and attempts to defy a kingdom to reunite with his childhood love. Out Live is a 2000 tale of action and romance and has an IMDb rating of 6.1.

romantic Korean movies

32. Hindsight (2011)

When a former boss of the world of organized crime wants to live a quiet and normal life running his own restaurant, a young assassin is sent to kill him. Things take a turn when she falls for him. Hindsight is a 2011 Korean romance action film with a 6.3 IMDb rating.

romantic Korean movies

33. My Girlfriend Is an Agent (2009)

My Girlfriend Is An Agent is a 2009 South Korean romantic action comedy film. A man, unaware that his girlfriend is a secret agent, breaks up with her due to her constant lies. They cross paths again 3 years later, not knowing that this time they both have secrets. This movie has a 6.3 IMDb rating.

romantic Korean movies

34. R2B: Return To Base (2012)

After performing a dangerous stunt at an air show, a South Korean Air Force pilot is kicked out of the elite Black Eagles flying team and transferred to a combat unit. There he falls in love with the in charge of maintenance. Return To Base is a 2012 Korean romance action movie with an IMDb rating of 5.9.

romantic Korean movies


Korean movies, as we know it, are best known for their romantic drama. But they are much more than that. Korean movies have a style of storytelling that’s unique to their own. They have romance mixed with action, drama and all the emotions you can possibly imagine. Whatever mood you’re in, this list has got you covered.

FAQs About List Of Korean Romantic Movies

1. What are the best Korean romantic movies?

My Sassy Girl, Oasis, Il Mare, Always, etc are some of the best Korean romantic movies.

2. What are the best Korean rom-com movies?

My Sassy Girl, My Little Bride, Seducing Mr. Perfect, Too Beautiful To Lie, etc are some of the best Korean rom-com movies.

3. What are the best sad romantic Korean movies?

A Moment To Remember, Pairan, Oasis, Christmas in August, etc are some of the best sad romantic Korean movies.

4. What are the best Korean romantic action movies?

Always, Deiji, Romance of their own, Out Live, etc are some of the best Korean romantic action movies.

5. What are the highest-rated Korean romantic movies?

Il Mare, Lover’s Concerto, The Beauty Inside, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… And Spring, etc are some of the highest-rated Korean romantic movies with IMDb rating of over 7.

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