When it comes to Korean entertainment, there are shows beyond Squid Game and there are movies beyond Parasite. In this list, we’re going to look at some seminal Korean films that obtained the coveted 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s a lot of critical acclaim, so let’s get cracking!

1. Seoul Station

This animated zombie flick is known as Seoulyeok in South Korea, and follows the story of a man desperately searching for his missing daughter in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.  


2. The Age of Shadows

Starring Gong Woo, who just received renewed fame as the slapping man in Squid Game, and Song Kang-Ho, who won accolades and critical acclaim for his role in Parasite, this film was bound to be a 100 percent fresh. It’s about Korean resistance fighters battling Japanese forces.


3. The Call

This thriller by Lee Chung-hyun takes place in two different decades, and connects one woman’s life with another man through a phone call. But things take a dark turn soon enough.

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4. The Spy Gone North

This 2018 South spy drama follows an army major who takes on the guise of a businessman to infiltrate a North Korean nuclear facility. It stars Hwang Jung-min and Lee Sung-min.


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5. House of Hummingbird

This 2018 drama was written and directed by Kim Bora, and takes place in 1994 Seoul amidst the Seongsu Bridge collapse. It stars Park Ji-hoo in the lead.


6. Poetry

Written and directed by Lee Chang-dong, this emotive film tells the story of an ageing grandmother who begins to foster an interest in poetry while battling Alzheimer’s disease.


7. A Bittersweet Life

This neo-noir film from 2005 follows a slick hitman who refuses to kill his boss’ girlfriend. Things dont’ exactly go too well from there on. The movie is directed by Kim Jee-woon and stars Lee Byung-hun.

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8. War of the Arrows

This period drama takes place in 1636 during the Manchurian invasion of Korea. It follows an archer on a mission to rescue his kidnapped sister.


9. Midnight Runners

This buddy cop action comedy sees two students who are studying at the Korean police academy put their wits to the test after they witness a kidnapping.


10. The Man from Nowhere

This 2010 film, also known as Ajeossi, stars Won Bin and is written and directed by Lee Jeong-beom. It’s a revenge thriller about an ex-agent out to rescue his daughter from a drug smuggler’s wrath.

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