Already done watching all the K-dramas your friends recommended? Well, here is the list of the top rated IMDb Korean dramas that you should get to watching. 

1. My Mister (9.0)

Three middle-aged brothers who’ve been struggling through their lives meet a strong woman who has a story of her own to share. They heal and help each other on the way in this critically acclaimed drama about human misery. 

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2. Reply 1988 (9.0)

Set in 1988, this 2015 drama tells the story of 5 families who live in the same neighbourhood. From how they grow up together to how they face the world, this show gives you a nostalgic take on life. 

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3. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (9.0)

In 2020 drama, an anti-social children’s book author meets a psychiatric hospital employee and they begin a journey towards healing. This gothic romance was appreciated for its take on mental health. 

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4. Six Flying Dragons (8.9)

This drama, set in the Joseon Dynasty in Korea tells the tale of conflict, success and failure of a mix of fictional and real people in history. 

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5. Alice (8.9) 

After his mother’s death, he meets a physics professor woman who looks exactly like her. And as time travellers keep appearing around the city, his life gets entangled into a prophecy. Still on-air, this 2020 drama looks extremely promising. 

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6. The Flower Of Evil (8.9)

A man tries to hide his cruel past, but his detective wife will stop at nothing to find the truth. This 2020 show is breaking drama records with its ratings. 

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7. Mr. Sunshine (8.8) 

Set in the early 1900s, this love story between a South Korean boy raised in America, who returns to his homeland as a soldier and an aristocrat’s daughter is a must-watch. 

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8. Crash Landing On You (8.8)

A South Korean heiress lands in North Korea after a paragliding accident, and her only saving grace is a North Korean soldier. This Netflix show is definitely one of the best romance K-dramas out there. 

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9. Ruler Of Your Own World (8.8)

This 2002 show was one of the very first to ride the K-wave. It tells the story of a convict who has just been released from prison and his girlfriend. 

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10. SKY Castle (8.7)

The second-highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history, this 2018-19 satirical drama tells the story of a group of elite parents. The housewives of this 1% of the society will do anything they can to make sure their kids are successful. 

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Have you watched them all?