13 Shows With Surprising Amounts Of Nudity That You Can Stream Right Now

Aaliyah Jain

Gone are the days when nudity was limited to a specific genre of movies and shows. However, nudity in shows has become the talk of the town lately.

There’s no denying the fact that nudity has recently become the selling point of television shows. While there is a gazillion shows to watch, we have gathered a number of shows that had an extra dose of boobs and butts.

1. Game Of Thrones 

Undeniably the OG of steamy television shows, Game Of Thrones redefined the on-screen sex scenario. From episode one, the show proved that it’s not just an ordinary show. From the steamy scenes between Jon Snow and Daenerys to the sensational incestuous pair Jamie and Cersei, the show didn’t shy away from the scorching hot sex scenes.


2. Orange Is The New Black 

Revolving around the woman’s prison, Orange Is The New Black involves tasteful lesbian romance. Narrating the stories of the prison and the women who ended up being there, this show has plentiful nude scenes. Over the course of 7 seasons, the show has about fifty hot scenes.


3. Shameless 

Living up to its name with the number of steamy scenes, Shameless revolves around a working-class family from Chicago who is trying to make things work. The show has a number of steamy sex scenes. So much so, that there are a handful of NSFW compilations of these sex scenes available on porn websites.


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4. Californication 

When the show has ‘fornication’ in its name, there’s nothing less you would expect. Californication revolves around a sex-obsessed novelist who is struggling to get grips with his drug use, self-loathing and family duties. 


5. Narcos 

Based on the real-life stories of drug kingpins in the 1980s and the rise of cocaine, Narcos is one of the best shows out there. Apart from the gut-wrenching murders, there are a number of spicy scenes that add a touch of realism to the overall storyline.

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6. The Affair 

With such a title, we can surely expect steamy scenes from the show. Revolving around two married couples and their extra-marital affairs, The Affair has plenty of sex and skin-showing. From tender candlelit lovemaking to hardcore lovemaking, this show has it all.


7. Outlander 

This time-travel romance show is undoubtedly sexy and very naked. From the first time when Jamie and Claire are intimate to steamy orgasms, Outlander definitely had the hottest scenes out of the bunch.


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8. Secret Diary Of A Call Girl 

Revolving around a high-end call girl, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl is witty, entertaining and interesting at the same time. From blowjobs to sex scenes, this show had several steamy scenes.


 9. Euphoria 

Showcasing the darkest side of teenage life, Euphoria is a gritty teen drama that talked about drug use and sex in the most honest and real way. 


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10. Naked and Afraid 

When naked is in the title itself, we cannot leave this one, can we? Based on a man and a woman sharing a 21-day survivalist challenge without any essentials, Naked and Afraid is not sexual but had several nude scenes. 


11. Masters Of Sex

With the sizzling chemistry between its main characters, Masters Of Sex will keep you hooked to your television screens with its fiery hot scenes. 


12. Westworld

Revolving around the future at a theme park for adults with the same name, the park operates is through human-like androids. Given the storyline, it may not sound naked-friendly but it has got a number of spicy scenes. 

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13. True Blood

This paranormal romance deserves a lot more praise than it has been given to the show. From make-up sex and dream sex to bloody sex, True Blood probably showed all sorts of ways that you can think of. 


Which is your favourite show?

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