Here Are The Erogenous Zones To Focus On Based On Zodiac That’ll Take Those Sexy Times To A New Level

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Often it can get difficult to figure out a person’s erogenous zone – those places in the body where a touch can send electric currents running down the spine. The more you play with these sensitive zones, the more an individual gets aroused during intimate times. Astrology suggests that every zodiac sign has a corresponding erogenous zone that can help you amp up those sexy times. It’s time you know about them and tease your partner on a whole new level.


Here are the erogenous zones in the body according to your zodiac. Read on below.

1. Aries

Ruled by Mars, this fire sign is known for its intense and passionate energy. Aries individuals are most connected with their heads. A light head massage, caressing their head, or even light hair pulling will get Aries easily aroused.


2. Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus and that makes them one of the most sensual individuals. This Earth sign is most connected to their neck and shoulders. Think neck kisses, breathing on their neck, light nibbles, or even consensual choking to take things up a notch.


3. Gemini

This air sign is ruled by Mercury and they are one of the most curious, inquisitive, and intellectual individuals. Gemini individuals are most connected with their arms, hands, and lungs. They love it when things get handsy. Quite literally. To arouse a Gemini, play with their arms and hands, trace your fingers up their arms, introduce some sensual touching and notice how much they end up enjoying this time.

4. Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and they tend to be nurturing and sensitive. This water sign is most connected to their chests. You can take the foreplay to the next level by paying special attention to their chests. Think kissing and massages and watch them swoon over you.


5. Leo

This fire sign is ruled by the Sun and just like their ruling planet they are full of life, warmth, and vitality. Leo individuals are connected to their hearts and spines. A back massage or simply teasing their back with sensual touches and kisses will fan the fire effortlessly.


6. Virgo

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and they are very practical. They are logical, analytical, and love looking at the minute details. This Earth sign is most connected to their stomach. Paying special attention to their torso and waist and you will uncover a whole new side to them.


7. Libra

This air sign is ruled by Venus and just like their ruling planet they are drawn to all things beautiful and aesthetic. The symbol of Libra is the scales and quite in line with their symbol, they have a penchant for keeping things in balance. Libra individuals are connected to their back, buttocks, and skin. They would get aroused by touching, grabbing, and even spanking of these erogenous zones.


8. Scorpio

Scorpio is ruled by the Pluto and Mars. They are some of the most passionate, mysterious, and irresistible individuals. As they are ruled by the planets that signify passion-war and power-rebirth, they are incredibly sensual. Almost every part of their body is erogenous. But rather than keeping the foreplay boring, you can introduce different materials like feathers, fur, or leather.


9. Sagittarius

This fire sign is ruled by Jupiter and they are someone who is not afraid to put their foot down when things get boring. They have a deep-rooted desire for change. Sagittarius individuals are connected to their hips, legs, and thighs. Teasing or even oral sex will get them in their adventurous zone.


10. Capricorn

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn and that is why they are the most responsible, ambitious, and grounded individuals. This Earth sign is most connected to their legs. An erotic massage, soft touches, teasing, and light nibbles on the legs, calves, and inner thighs will get them going.

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11. Aquarius

This air sign is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Aquarius individuals are eccentric, emotional, and also intellectual. They are connected to their ankles and calves. While these might be one of the most ignored zones, these are those spots where you can try some consensual BDSM *winks*.


12. Pisces

Ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, Pisces individuals are sweet and sensitive. This water sign is most connected to their feet. The best way to get things hot and heavy in the bedroom with a Pisces is to start from the feet.

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Now that you know it, it’s time you apply this knowledge and have the time of your life.

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