Are you having a bad day? Don’t stress too much, my friend, because these 25 pictures of cute, adorable and lovable Corgi doggos, will melt your heart and take away all your sorrows. 

1. What you looking at? I am adorable and I know it. 

2. How do you like my new avatar?

3. Look me in the eye and tell me who’s the cutest? #puppyeyes

4. This is what happens if you mess with me, macha. 

5. It’s time for my afternoon nap. #sleepingbeauty

6. Ahh…nothing, just giving some candid poses and being cool about it. 

7. Did someone just say food?

8. Ssup, hoomans. How do you like my scarf?

9. Do not disturb mode on!

10. This table is reserved. #youcantsitwithus

11. Wanna play with me?

12. Sit. Sleep. Eat. Repeat.  

13. Yeah, I know I am adorable. Tell me something new. 

14. Hmm… Is this edible?

15. I believe in staying fit. #fitnessgoals

16. No! I didn’t do that. Pliss don’t tell momma. #guilty

17. Uhh… Had too much milk yo. 

18. Hooman, how’s the weather like ‘up’ there? 

19. The perfect ‘balancing’ act. #myawesomeskills

20. Hooman, tuck me in well. I am done for the day. #mylifemyrules

21. You jealous? #thuglife

22. Meet my new toy. #mynewtimepass

23. I am just happy right now. 

24. I can do the split better than you, hooman. 

25. Yo, I need some shade. #vacationmode

What would we hoomans do without you doggos?