Look, we can’t take away your troubles but we can definitely distract you for sometime by putting a happy smile on your face. Wondering, how? Here are 40 cute AF pictures/videos of Samoyed breed doggos that will brighten up your day and make you go ‘aww.’

1. The only thing I do on a weekend 

2. Me staring at other people’s food at a restraunt like…

3. Me when someone switches on the AC in office

4. Look who flew down here to visit me

5. Left, right, left…

6. Double trouble!

7. No, I am not stubborn. You are!

8. Trying to copy The Lion King roar. Aawoooooooooo!

9. Me trying to hide when the teacher announces test marks in front of the whole class 

10. Gruhhhhh! Don’t you dare mess with me, hooman. 

11. Thug life!

12. Me trying to give candid poses like…

13. Me trying to fool people into thinking that I am into yoga and fitness

14. Friends who stay together, slay together!

15. Just trying out new fashion trends. You like it?

16. Welcome to my royal suite, hooman. Don’t touch anything. 

17. Me dying to have the first sip of coffee in the mornings like…

18. Jealous much?

19. I am always up for a warm hug

20. Who will believe me when I say the dog ate my homework?

21. When someone asks me what I am doing to lose weight

22. Meet my travel buddy 

23. Dil garden garden ho gaya…

24. Time to take a nap

25. About last night…

26. You can hate me and ignore me but you can’t escape my hotness, bitches

27. What am I? A unicorn or a fairy?

28. Me running away from my responsibilities like…

29. Can’t get enough of my cuteness?

30. Hooman, plis give me a treat, will you?

31. Happy feet!

32. More like dog fight.  #Playtime

33. Just stealing your blankie. Got a with that?

34. When hunting is your hobby

35. Clearly, we are the bosses here 

36. Getting a facial massage for free like…

37. It’s time for my grooming session

38. Snuggle! Snuggle!

39. Ready to fight evil by the moonlight

40. Me staring at my friend after they crack a lame joke

There is so much to life than just being stressed and worried. We hope this article made you smile for a bit.