Hum Tum Ek Jungle Se Guzre, Aur Sher Aa Jaaye is passé now. We don’t need to go the jungle anymore cos it frequently pay its visit to human territory. Wild animals roaming freely on the streets is not a new sight especially since we watched many such videos amid coronavirus lockdown in the past two years. 


Speaking of which, a video of a Bengal tiger wandering on the Mexico streets has gone viral on Twitter. The clip posted by @AmazingPosts_ shows the tiger strolling in a residential neighbourhood of Tecuala town. Locals watch the wild animal from a distance.

“A Bengal Tiger roaming around town and then gets taken home without any resistance.” the user wrote. 

What grabbed our attention the most is the second part of the clip. A man, probably the owner, can be seen reaching to the tiger as it rests on the road, escorting the wild animal, and slipping a rope around its neck like it was a small pet dog. Khatron Ke Khiladi enough?

Netizens are stunned after watching the video.

Some Twitter users also believed that the tiger might be starving and looking for its prey:

Quite frightening, right? 

Earlier in January this year, a clip of woman carrying a lion in her arms on the streets of Kuwait grabbed headlines. According to reports, the animal had escaped from a private residence and caused panic among local residents.

Coming back to the tiger, while we don’t know the complete story behind this, it surely raises safety concerns of the locals living in Mexico.