While humans are living in isolation, planet Earth is healing and wildlife is thriving. 

The skies are clearer, air pollution has decreased significantly and the streets are cleaner. Even instances of wildlife roaming empty, deserted streets are coming to light and putting smiles (much needed) on people’s faces. 

These instances of wildlife being spotted by local residents, from different parts of the world, is giving us hope for a better future where both, wildlife and humans can co-exist in harmony, together. 

1. Amid the lockdown, a nilgai was spotted on the empty roads near GIP Mall in Noida. 

Twitter users were amazed too. 

2. In West Oakland, wild turkeys were spotted on the play ground of an elementary school that has been closed due to the lockdown. 

Naturally, Twitter was happy to see this unusual sight. 

3. Guess, who was spotted on the empty streets of Kerala? A civet was seen taking a zebra crossing amid the lockdown. Check it out. 

More than anything, the internet was delighted to see this one use the zebra crossing.

4. Since humans are not around to feed sika deers in Nara Park, in Japan, they are wandering into the cities and walking through subways looking for food.

And, this is how netizens reacted to this story. 

5. A video of an Indian Bison roaming the empty streets of Karnataka is going viral on the internet after lockdown was ordered due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Twitter was equally amused with this sight. 

6. Wild boars and their babies were exploring the empty streets of Italy after the city went under lockdown to contain the spread of the virus. 

Twitter was impressed too. 

7. In parts of Italy and Japan sheep, horses and deers were spotted on the deserted streets. Take a look. 

8. A Twitter user posted a video of Indian Ring-Necked Parakeets chirping with happiness after so long, all thanks to the lockdown. 

And, the internet too was in love with what they were seeing.

9. When humans were busy isolating, a Sambar deer was spotted freely walking around on the empty streets of Chandigarh at night. 

Naturally, some local residents couldn’t believe their eyes. 

10. Monkeys were spotted enjoying a summer’s day in a swimming pool at a Mumbai residential complex. 

11. Peacocks were spotted dancing in the streets of another Mumbai residential area. 

12. And in an empty school in Rajasthan, peacocks casually practised the art of social distancing. 

13. Flamingos flocked to Navi Mumbai‘s Seawood Complex, painted the area pink.

14. And soon after, flamingos, along with pelicans were spotted around the world, flocking and creating quite a flurry. 

15. Gangetic dolphins were spotted at the Kolkata Ghats after 30 years. 

16. And more dolphins were spotted in the River Ganga, in Meerut

17. And dolphins even reclaimed the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul. 

18. Lions were spotted taking a nice nap in the middle of an otherwise busy street in South Africa. Real kingly! 

19. And somewhere in India, two young leopards were spotted playing on the side of the road, in the middle of the night. 

No doubt, times are stressful but, these heartening stories are giving us hope and helping us, get through these tough times.