Business cat created by Tom Fonder, likes staring out of windows and getting tummy rubs and still owns a thriving multi billion dollar corporation. Despite minor hitches like getting stuck on trees, getting lost and needing dozens of cardboard boxes, business cat manages everything smoothly and how. 

You can pick up a lesson or two from business cat right here:

1. Compliments of the chef.

2. Gearing up.

3. Performance pressure.

4. Living in denial.

5. Business cat don’t give a damn.

6. Food time is serious business.

7. Room full of possibilities.

8. Attention deficit disorder.

9. Cute kitty look, effective since forever.

10. Get out the way.

11. Marking territories.

12. What is this sorcery?

13. Milk is non-negotiable. 

14. Distractions are real. 

15. How do they get there in the first place?

16. Being yourself.

17. Business pug, a worthy adversary.

18. On the prowl.

19. Just a little something missing and … perfect.

20. Catnip and chill. 

Business cat shows you how it’s done. 

All comics sourced from Business Cat Happy Jar.