Warning: The content ahead borders on animal brutality, might be disturbing for some readers.

A children’s book published by Navneet Publications, It’s Story Time offers some disturbing content stepping into the zone of animal cruelty.

A Twitter user posted the pictures of a story from the book titled, The Unfaithful Dog, calling out the publication for selling bedtime stories that showcase animal cruelty.

The said story is of a ‘cunning’ watch-dog, who eats his owner’s sheep and goats. When the owner catches him, he beats the dog ‘half dead’ and then strangles him to death. The story is followed by a shocking animated visual of the hanged animal.


The problematic content of the book has the netizens posting their concerns online.

To get an official statement, ScoopWhoop got in touch with the publication. Mr. Somshekhar, Office Assistant told us that the ‘concerned department has been informed and the company will take the required action.’

A formal statement has been released by the Director of the Navneet Education Limited, Shailendra Gala, explaining that they do not support animal cruelty of any sort and that they regret publishing the story. 

It has come to our notice that one of the stories in one of our books has content which is not appropriate for children. Navneet is a responsible publishing house and we do not support animal cruelty of any sort. We have published thousands of books and stories for more than 50 years, where empathy and caring are the central themes, and which attempt to inculcate a feeling of compassion among children. The story in question has unfortunately slipped through the cracks.

To ensure such content ‘never slips through again’, they’ve deployed a threefold approach –

1. We are putting together a panel of respected academicians and counsellors to review our existing content and to frame better guidelines for what will be produced in the future.

2. We are visiting leading schools to consult with principals and teachers to understand their content needs and to make the changes, as required. 

3. We are also working towards associating with animal care NGOs to create a series of animal care and empathy based books.

The have also stated that they will recall all the copies of the book from the market.