Ever heard of the world's happiest animal? No? Well, Quokkas from Australia are the world's happiest animal. So, now you know.

Quokka with human
Source: www.boredpanda.com

They resemble the size of a cat and they have a tail which is similar to that of a rat. These nocturnal marsupials can only be found on Australia's Rottnest Island and a handful of smaller islands around the coast of Western Australia.

Source: justfunfacts.com

They are part of the kangaroo and wallaby family and they are quite popular amongst tourist who are often amused by their friendly attitude and their contagious smile. Don't believe me? Here's proof.

1. Can it get any cuter than this?

2. Having a bad day? This munchkin here will put a smile on your face. 

3. Cuteness overloaded!

4. Look how photogenic these creatures are!

5. They love socializing too. 

6. When you are happy and you know it...

7. An incredibly adorable creature. Agreed?

8. My heart is melting...

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My heart! 😍🥰❤️

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9. Just 'Quokking' around...

10. The award for the best picture goes to...

11. Oh those dreamy eyes...

12. Lunch time!

13. Current mood: Goofy

14. Posing for candid pics be like...

15. Up, close and personal.

16. When you love the attention you are getting...

17. When you find happiness in the smaller things in life...


19. How can these creatures be so cute?

20. Cute, adorable, fluffy, cuddly and friendly.

Sigh! Even I want to meet these cuties.