Warning: This article contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Months after a drone captured a horrific image of a mutilated elephant in Africa another one met a similar fate, this time in Indonesia.

According to CNA, a wild Sumatran elephant was found decapitated with its tusks ripped off in what can be a graphic case of poaching.

Corpse of elephant in Indonesia
Source: Daily Mail

The rotting corpse of the 40-year-old male creature was discovered by a plantation worker on Monday, October 18. He then informed the conservationists who found its severed trunk a metre away from the body.

Chief of local conservation agency, Suharyono, said:

The elephant's head had been cut off and its severed trunk was found a metre away from the body. We suspect the elephant was hunted and killed and then its head was cut off to remove the tusks.
decapitated corpse of a Sumatran elephant
Source: Gulf News

The increasing rate of deforestation in Indonesia has already reduced the species' natural habitat and the presence of poachers pose an additional threat to the 2,000-odd Sumatran elephants that remain in the wild.

The corpse is said to be a week old and the search to nab the culprit is on. Further details are awaited.