The flood situation in the state of Assam is only worsening with each passing day. Nearly 40 lakh people have been affected in over 26 districts. 

Even animals have been forced out of their natural habitat due to the floods.

Speaking of which, a video of an exhausted rhino sleeping or rather resting on National Highway-37 in Assam’s flood-hit Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve has gone viral. 

The video was posted on Twitter by the national park itself. 

In the video, forest officials were seen guarding the troubled rhinoceros who apparently ventured out the jungle to take refuge in the safer, higher ground of the Karbi Anglong Hills. 

Even passers by didn’t disturb the animal. They quietly drove passed it. Police officials made sure people drove their vehicles as slowly as possible. 

The rhino is estimated to be 30-35 years old. Right now, the forest department is attempting to guide it back into a safer area.

Twitter lauded the forest officials and the passersby for not interfering or disturbing the exhausted rhino and allowing it to take some much needed rest. 

According to reports, nearly 80% of Kaziranga National Park has been submerged in water due to the floods. 

This heartwarming gesture by the forest officials is winning the internet’s heart. And, we salute them for their efforts.