I’m sure I’m not alone in having wondered from time to time just what is going on in that tiny, adorable brains of the cutest little things that roam the earth – PUPPIES! (debatable, yes, but you just don’t end up meeting that many koala bears, do you?)

Well, no more wondering for you. ‘Cause we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ask the pupsters exactly what they’d say to us doting humans if they could speak! And the findings were shocking… well, not really. But they’re most definitely certifiably adorable!

Aaaand now you know! Needless to say, we’re keeping our furry little sources anonymous. Mostly for selfish reasons.

P. S. No puppies were harmed in the making of this article.

P. P. S. We didn’t actually speak to any puppies. Puppies can’t speak, you dumb-dumbs! They answered us in fuzzy cuddles.

Pawsome designs by Vineet Kumar