2019 was harsh for animals in India and around the world. In particular, our country reported the death of 112 tigers and 491 leopards mostly due to cases of poaching, hunting and accidents. 


According to data collected, over the year, by the Wildlife Protection Society of India, India has now lost close to 991 leopards in the last two years. 

In addition, 216 tigers were killed, in 2018 and 2019, either by poaching activities or accidents caused due to rapid urbanization. 

Hindustan Times

The fact that the state of Madhya Pradesh lost 29 tigers and Maharashtra had to see 22 being killed tells us that the shrinking habitat might’ve increased the number in 2019. 

Cases of leopards and tigers being beaten to death for entering civilian areas had time and again been reported this year. 


In addition, India has reportedly lost a lot of dense forest cover this year. 

The cutting of trees in Aarey Colony in Mumbai, followed by more such instances have raised concerns about the government’s ability to safeguard our wildlife and wild animals. 

With the arrival of 2020, we hope that the authorities will pay attention to these staggering numbers and ensure our precious wildlife is protected at all costs.