In a world where cases of animal cruelty are soaring high, these celebrities are crusading and fighting for animal rights in every way possible. 

Whether it is speaking up against abandoning doggos or spreading awareness about animal rights, these celebs are not leaving any stone unturned.

1. Ratan Tata 

Whether it is urging people to adopt and not shop or it’s taking effective measures for maintaining the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs, Ratan Tata has truly been an influencer.

A section of his house is dedicated to abandoned and stray furry friends. He has actually created a kennel of sorts to look after stray dogs.


Not only that, he funded a venture to create reflective collars for stray dogs to protect them from being the victims of roadkills. 


2. Anushka Sharma 

Alongside her acting career, she is also an animal activist on the side. In fact, on her 30th birthday, she revealed that she was working towards building an animal shelter for abandoned animals. 

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Not only that, she spoke against animal cruelty and started a wave of change on social media, when the stray dog in Worli was brutally beaten by dogs. 

3. Virat Kohli 

India’s cricket ace was recently honored as PETA’s person of the year. He wrote a heartfelt letter to officials requesting them to release Malti the elephant who was tortured by eight men and forced to take trips around Amer fort. 

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4. Shashi Tharoo

Shashi Tharoor didn’t only write an official letter for the ill-treatment of animals in circuses but also encouraged NCERT’s director to examine and incorporate PETA’s Central Board of Secondary Education approved programme for incorporation into its textbooks, the animal rights body

5. Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is the official Rhino ambassador of our country, with his campaign #Rohit4Rhinos, he’s building awareness to conserve the one-horned Rhinos. 

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6.John Abraham 

Over the past decade, John has been an animal activist who has worked towards focusing on creating awareness on animal cruelty. From encouraging people to free birds from the cages to questioning the participation of animals in circuses, John has made quite a lot of effort to ensure the well being of animals.  

Unlike human performers, animals are forced to entertain through the use of fear, pain or hunger. Whips, clubs, hooks and other weapons are often used to inflict pain on elephants and other animals in order to force them to perform confusing tricks. No animal – no matter the species – wants to be chained, caged, hit or psychologically abused.  

7. Dia Mirza 

From speaking up against animal skin trade in the past to spreading awareness on animal rights by voicing her opinions on Twitter, Dia Mirza has been an advocate for animal rights for the longest time ever. 


8. Alia Bhatt 

The stunning actress has not only promoted animal adoption on her social media platforms various times but has also made concious efforts to raise funds for an animal welfare oragnsiation by baking goods.  


Infact, not alot of people know this but she has set up a venture called Coexist that voices the plight of animals and nature, with an aim for humans to peacefully coexist with animals and nature, she is winning our hearts, one paw at a time. 

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9. Shikhar Dhawan

Shikar Dhawan on various occasions has spoken up against animal cruelty. In this moving post, he humbly requested people to stop treating street dogs and animals harshly.  

These celebrities are on a mission to bring the positive change we wish to see.