Science is crazy. Evolution is nuts. Not that I didn't think that before but doing research for this article has only reaffirmed those beliefs. There are things happening right under our noses that we can't see, literally. Weird things. Fascinating but definitely weird. 

1. You can't breathe and swallow at the same time. 

Source: Lifehack

2. You can't hum while holding your nose.

Source: YouTube

3. Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto. 

Source: Space

4. Sharks are older than trees, Yup, they have been swimming the oceans since before the planet grew trees.  

Source: Tenor

5. Hippo milk is pink in colour. 

Source: Animals

6. Mammoths were still walking the earth when the Egyptians built The Great Pyramid. 

Source: Twitter

7. The next glass of water you drink will have molecules that have at least once passed through a dinosaur

Source: Discovery

8. Every two minutes, we take more pictures than all of humanity did in the 19th century.

Source: Facetune

9. Every odd number has an "e" in it. 

Source: Pinterest

10. Turtles can breathe out of their a**holes. 

Source: The Guardian

11. You have never seen your real face, only pictures. 

Source: Tenor

12. Our eyes were meant to function underwater, which is why even after millions of years of evolution, we still can't see properly right under our noses. 

Source: Science Learning Hub

13. You can't imagine a new colour. 

Source: MIUC

14. Your tongue rests on the top of your mouth. 

Source: USA

15. You actually never touch anything because atoms exert force on each other, so they never actually touch. 

Source: WTamu

16. Money actually has zero value. It only means something because we attach value to it. 

Source: Gfycat

17. Earth used to be purple as microbes might have been using Retinal instead of chlorophyll to produce food. Retinal absorbs green light and reflects back red and violet light, creating a purple colour.

Source: Twitter

18. There are parts of Earth with less gravity than others. 

Source: Twitter

19. The rhino horn is made up off hair. 

Source: AFD

20, Kangaroos can't fart. 

Source: Giphy

Hey, I didn't make the rules or chocolate won't be lethal to dogs.