Doggos have proven to be the most loyal companions humans could ever get. They're more, they are our best friends

Despite all that, they've suffered a lot sometimes due to human negligence and sometimes simply because they are too good for us. 

Representation of Dog-Human relationship
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This canine's story falls in the latter category. 

Shared by a local citizen in Thailand, this tale is about a pet dog waiting with dedication and too much honesty, which ultimately becomes the reason for him to stick with his caretaker instead. 

Leo the dog
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After spotting the same dog at the same spot for consecutive days, the guy found out that Leo has been waiting for his owners to return. 

Not for a few hours, not for a few days but for 4 long years! 

Leo waiting for his owner
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How Leo survived the harsh conditions for so long is a little difficult to understand.  

Dog Thailand found out a local woman, named Saowalak, ensured the malnourished canine would eat at least once during the entire day and cared for him every day. 

After unsuccessfully trying to bring Leo home, Saowalak advertised heavily in search of Leo's original owners. 

Leo being fed by Saowalak
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Luck was tough for 4 years but finally shined upon Leo when a family contacted the woman after stumbling upon a poster of Leo. 

The family claimed Leo looked like BonBon, their family dog who went missing over 4 years ago. 

That was it! Leo's wait was finally over. 

Leo waiting at his spot
Source: Dog Thailand

Noi, BonBon's owner, explained how they had lost their dog while on a trip to their relatives' house. He had jumped out in excitement and never returned. 

They had feared him to be dead and were over the moon to find out he was well and alive. 

Everything was good except a slight problem - Leo won't follow Noi back home for some reason or the other unknown. It seemed he had become too attached to Saowalak.

Noi petting Leo
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Upon further inspection, Noi decided to let Saowalak take care of Leo while she paid him regular visits. This happened until Leo, now transformed, moved to his new home, this time forever! 

The woman with Leo's original owners
Source: Dog Thailand

You can call it carelessness on the owner's part or sheer bad luck, but dogs do suffer a lot because of us humans and it is something that isn't going to change in the near future.