While it’s a great idea to show your love for the natural world by adopting, taking care of or including animals in our lives and treating them like an equal member of the community. But there’s a fine line between having compassion for animals and being performative about your love for them. For instance, this Lucknow restaurant invited a cow to inaugurate their business. And the internet has opinions.

People are divided. Many are questioning why they’ve tied the cow up, if indeed they wanted to invite it as a way to offer respect and reverence to it? The thing is, we rarely consider the smallest things when it comes to the fact that animals are living beings too. Sometimes we think we know better than them, because we think we’re smarter and so we can treat them however we please, but that’s inhumane and inconsiderate.


Though others were quite alright with the sight.

Do we bring animals into our lives to take care of them and respect them or to simply make ourselves feel like we’re good people because we’re being nice to them in a way we can show it to the world?