In addition to being faithful (and cuddly) companions, dogs have proven to be a valuable asset in keeping humans safe. Simba, a key member of Mumbai police’s bomb detection and disposal unit (BDDS), was one of those brave canines who recently died due to illness.

Reportedly, Simba, a nine-year-old member of the squad, was specially trained in bomb detection and worked for VVIP and VIP bandobast, had been with the team since 2013.


The gallant labrador received a well-deserved state funeral and was cremated at the Vet Hospital in Parel, Mumbai, with a three-gun salute.

In a follow-up tweet, another Twitter user shared a video clip from Simba’s funeral where police officials were seen paying their last respects. 

The event has tugged at netizens’ heartstrings and here’s how they are reacting to it.

Rest in peace, Simba.