The only thing that serves as a beacon of hope during these dark times, in this cruel world is smalll gestures of kindness that instantly regain our faith in humanity.  

In a heartfelt video that has been doing rounds on the internet, a kind shopkeeper allowed a stray doggo inside his store during the heavy Mumbai rains. 

The doggo was trying to keep itself dry by sitting on the door-mat of the shop and initially was hesitant to enter when the generous shopkeeper opened their doors to her. 

But after a lot of contemplation and gauging an understanding of the shopkeeper’s intentions, this good girl stepped into the store and comfortably sat inside, facing towards the door. 

The video of this shopkeeper lending a helping hand to someone in need during a heavy  downpour  should be an inspiration to us all:

If there is one life lesson I have grasped from Paatal Lok, it is that heaven has a special place for people who serve doggos (or any other animal) and are loyal to them.

Netizens are lauding the generous shopkeeper for providing shelter to the stray doggo during heavy rains: 

During the monsoon season, please help the stray doggos and cats around you, don’t hesitate to give them shelter whether in your building’s basement, parking, gardens or verandas. 


Also, please don’t forget to check under your cars before starting them, strays tend to take shelter there during heavy rains. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be kinder to one another.