Corrigendum: According to recent reports by Xinhua News Agency, while a herd of 14 elephants did enter the village, none of the elephants got drunk. 

In times of quarantine, while humans are busy distancing themselves from the world and into their isolated cocoons. The environment is getting cleaner and the animals in the wild are reclaiming their freedom while returning back to their natural habitats. 

Well, would you believe me if I told you that a herd of elephants found a barrel of wine, had a little party, got pissed drunk and then passed out while the humans around them were on house arrest? No, this is not an episode from Bojack Horsemanit actually happened. 


Apparently, a group of 14 elephants in Yunnan China wandered into a village in search of some food. A couple of minutes later, they stumbled upon 30kgs of corn wine and drank it all. 

Once they were done with their little rave-party, these elephants were spotted peacefully sleeping with an adorable smile on their face in a nearby tea garden. 

 We’d like to believe that they were drunk on the wine and secretly passed out in the cutest way possible.  


While we couldn’t get our hands on a source that verifies this story, Netizens from across the globe have shared this adorable moment.

Netizens can’t get over this role reversal the elephants have had with humans: 

I don’t know about y’all but these adorable drunk elephants are giving me major Friday feels in isolation.